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Building Closure due to COVID 19

COVID19 IRA Policy and Procedures 4/28/20 Rev 7/1/20

The policy and procedures outlined are designed to minimize the risk for the transmission of COVID-19 from infected to non-infected persons. A safe environment is created and maintained with the tools the agency has at hand: limiting access to community outings and restricting visitors; vigorous handwashing; meticulous attention to environmental hygiene; along with proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Visitation/Community Outings

 The Center for Rapid Recovery’s top priority is the health of our clients, staff, and colleagues. CRR’s top priority is the health of our clients, staff, and colleagues.

Non- residential services will be provided remotely. Office hours will shift to accommodate the reduced staff presence. We expect this situation to evolve daily, and we will make on-going adjustments to balance our mission and the critical services we provide to the community.

Following Governor Cuomo’s current guidance on social distancing, our testing services, group meetings, and in-person gatherings are postponed until further notice.

Telemedicine services will be provided to our Substance Use Dependence program remotely.

CRR’s residential program remains in operation 24 hours a day with restricted access by non-employees

Administrators work remotely and present during designated to accommodate the reduced staff presence. CRR will make on-going adjustments to balance our mission and the critical services we provide to the community.


Check yourself for symptoms:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath

If you have these symptoms, call your primary care provider.

COVID-19 Important Fact Sheets

Helpful Links

What to do if you’re sick.
Ways to prevent infection.
Support your mental health.
Tips for social distancing.
Center for Disease Control Covid 19 site
World Health Organization Covid 19 site

All visitation and community outings and visitation has been modified in accordance with the updated visitation policy for the IRA program, Direct Service Professionals (DSP) will assist individuals with utilizing video calls and in house activities and other methods to meet their social and emotional needs and maintain social distancing mandates. Conspicuous signage shall be posted at all residential entry points, i.e., front and side doors, to notify the public of the suspension of visitation during the state of emergency. Family members shall proactively be informed in writing of the temporary emergency guidelines.

Staffing Health Checks for All Settings Health checks

All personnel entering the facility must comply with A COVID -19 Symptom Screening and Temperature check. The results of the screening shall be completed at the beginning of the shift on the COVID 19 Screening form. The testing shall be administered at the beginning of the shift and every twelve hours after that. A written log in form will be maintained consisting of this data.

Any staff with relevant symptoms or with a temperature greater than or equal to 100.4 F will be immediately be sent home and quarantined until test results, or presumptive diagnosis, is obtained. All staff who has worked in close proximity with the presumed infected staff member, in addition to all individuals living in the residential setting, will also be quarantined. The only exception is for first responders who are entering the home to address an emergency.

Staff planning travel to any area that is not a U.S. state or territory shall notify supervisors of the areas and countries they will be traveling to at least one week before the departure date. The staff that shows signs or symptoms of a respiratory infection at work will be immediately separated from residential areas and screened for further action. Individuals that do not clear the screening may not enter the residence, with the exception of staff who answers “YES” to Question #2, close contact with COVID-19, solely due to continuing care for an infected individual in the residence or other healthcare setting.

Individuals that answer “NO” to all screening questions AND have a temperature below 100 degrees will be able to enter the residence.

APPROVED Visitors Protocol

If, after undergoing screening, the visitor is permitted to enter the residence, the residential staff should:

· Ask the visitor to wear mask and wash their hands when entering the home. If the visitor is without a mask one will be provided.

· Provide instruction, after washing their hands before the visitor enters the resident’s room, on hand hygiene, the

location of handwashing sinks, limiting surfaces touched, and use of PPE (if recommended by healthcare professional), according to current residence policy while in the resident’s room;

· Limit visitor’s movements within the residence to the resident’s room (e.g., reduce walking the halls, avoid going to the dining area, etc.); and

· Advise the visitor to limit physical contact with anyone other than the resident while in the residence

· Offering alternative means of communication for people who would otherwise visit, such as virtual

communications (phone, video-communication, etc.).

· Assign staff as primary contact to families for inbound calls and conduct regular outbound calls to keep families up to date.

For additional information related to Human Resource Screening, Personal Protective Equipment please contact the agency administrator at  516 292 6449