Cultural Competence

The Center for Rapid Recovery embrace the concept of cultural competence as an approach to  improving the quality of healthcare provided to diverse populations. Our cultural competence philosophy is based on the belief that there are ethnically and culturally-determined differences in the perception of how problems are identified experienced and solved.  Georgetown University recognized the Center for Rapid Recovery as one of the nation’s foremost cultural competence healthcare providers.There are several definitions used to define cultural competence.
Cultural competence is not an event but rather a set of congruent practice skills, attitudes, policies and structures, which come together in a system, agency, or among professional to work effectively in the context of cultural differences.


1. CRR will be culturally and linguistically competent and responsive to the needs of the communities we serve, including being located in reasonably accessible areas and providing flexible hours of service.

2. CRR is dedicated to ensuring services are clinically and culturally appropriate and will actively engage with patients/consumers, their family members, and their community across the lifespan. The team will be multidisciplinary and cross-trained in health and behavioral health, thereby leveraging the strengths of OUR team.

3. CRR will recognize and incorporate the strengths of patients/consumers, their family members and their cultures, permeating all levels of assessment, diagnosis and intervention.

4. CRR will ensure one health and behavioral health history and treatment plan for each patient/consumer, is kept under one roof, with a wellness component and a focus on health promotion, prevention and person-centeredness across the lifespan.

5. CRR will participate as a member of a learning community in which health and behavioral health professionals gain knowledge, develop data collection plans, and foster the growth of an ethical workforce that represents the diversity of the community with language and cultural competency.